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About Dr. Amy

My passion in life has always been caring for animals. It was the only path that truly aligned with my passions. After I became a veterinarian in 2005 I specialized in working as an equine and small animal veterinarian. My journey has taken me to many places throughout the country, but I have found my home in the Colorado Foothills. 

After moving to Morrison, Colorado in 2008, I started my own practice serving families and pets. Balancing the demands of animal healing comes with its fair share of challenges and joys. Yet, supporting families through tough choices and comforting them as they bid farewell to their beloved pets is one of the most meaningful aspects of this line of work. 

Creating a serene and comforting environment where families and their pets can share their final moments with tranquility gives me incredible fulfillment. Beyond my role in veterinary care I am a proud mother, a wife, and an avid outdoor enthusiast! 

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